Beer, Bike and
The Portland Way.



We’ve made it super easy to check availability and book your ride. Select your ride, check times and book your slot.



Before you ride, sign your waiver to speed up the process. It’s simple, easy and you can even use your smart phone.



Once the previous steps are taken care of, all that’s left to do is ride. All rides start at 1425 NW Flanders St.


Northwest Route

Lucky Lab, Lompoc & Bridgeport

These three Portland breweries have been brewing the longest (some for over 30 years!). They make wonderful classic beers along with inspirational seasonals!


Dive Bar Route

Lucky Lab, Joe’s Cellar & Yur’s

Two classic Portland bars and one brewery that will make you smile and thirsty with their wide selection of craft beer and tasty cocktails!


Old Town Route

PINTS Brewing, Old Town Brewing Co. & Fat Head’s

These three Portland breweries are the new kids on the block, each has been brewing for less than 5 years! With innovative brews and fresh flavors, they all are quickly becoming neighborhood staples!

Featured Route Stops





Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need 15 people to rent the bike?

Absolutely not! We do smaller by seat rentals and will pair you with other smaller groups to get as full of a bike as possible. We can get the bike moving at a decent speed with a minimum of 8 people.

Can I drink on board?


Can I bring water on board?


Do all riders need to be 21 or older?


What can I expect?

To have a blast! We really try to make each ride unique, so please feel free to bring your own tunes to bike out to (cds or any mp3 players), snacks or water to rehydrate in between stops (there is PLENTY of room on board for coolers full of water), and some bike ready shoes (this IS a workout at times)!

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No you do not HAVE to wear a helmet, but if you would like to wear one, feel free to bring one along!  BrewCycle Portland will not provide any helmets.

Are we allowed to tip the driver?

Please do, that’s how they pay the rent!

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy – Any cancellations more than 3 days (72 hours) in advance will receive a full refund.  If you cancel less than 3 days (72 hours) in advance, there will be no refund or raincheck for your payment.  All rides are required to be paid in full at the time of booking.

***IMPORTANT*** If we are not able to book a MINIMUM OF 8 SEATS – the bike will not go out (for physical reasons of pedaling the bike). We will contact you if there are less than 8 seats booked for your time slot! If a ride has to cancel due to this minimum, we will refund your payment if we are unable to reschedule your reservation.

How should I prepare for the ride?

To make your ride as enjoyable as possible, here are some things you can do. If you haven’t already, fill out & sign our online liability waiver. You may also encourage those joining you on your ride to do the same by sending them to our website OR a quick email with the link will work too.

Cash is king, it also gets you a beer a lot faster and easier once we get to the bars, so remember your cash and ID to ensure you can enjoy a nice cold one at each stop. Last but not least, remember we are having a GREAT time and the bars LOVE having us, but we are a bigger group, be nice to your bartenders and tip (they won’t forget you for it)!

Are the seats adjustable?

Yes! We have adjustable seats on all three of our bikes!

How fast does the bike go?

We average about 5 miles per hour, this ranges quite a bit going uphill and downhill!

How difficult is the pedaling?

The more people pedaling, the easier it is, but it can be a workout at times! We do approach slight inclines that require effort on everyone’s part, but the coast that follows sure makes up for it!